RÉSERVATIONS ET INFOLINE : 71 900 555 (POSTE 441) / 29 463 618

BUSINESS HOTEL is dedicated to lovers of lounge atmospheres for your evenings watered, punctuated by live music. A cozy decor and a panoramic view welcome you for a gourmet break where the Mediterranean and especially Tunisian flavors, are put in the spotlight.
To create this unique place, we were inspired by Tunis, these inhabitants, these lights, and its sunny cuisine.
For us Tunis, it is before all a smile, that of its inhabitants always so welcoming, but it is also an atmosphere which puts in awakening each one of our five senses.
The idea is to be able to sip a cocktail or to eat there, comfortably seated in black leather armchairs while listening to the city vibrate and contemplating the sunset on the big Tunis then the starry sky.
The subdued light refines everything with a touch of glamor and combines the tunes of the place with the amenities of the evenings watered, punctuated by live music.
For brunch, for lunch or for dinner with friends, at LUNA SKY always keep your head in the stars »
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