The purpose of these general conditions (hereinafter the “General Conditions”) is to define
the terms and conditions under which Business Hotel Tunis allows its customers (hereinafter the or
the 鈥淐ustomer(s)鈥) to benefit from all the services, in particular reservations, available on
this Site and described in more detail below (hereinafter together the 鈥淪ervices鈥).
Prior to any reservation of a Service on the Site, the Customer declares (i) that he is acting for the purposes
personal information that does not fall within the scope of its commercial, industrial, craft,
liberal or agricultural and (ii) have the full legal capacity allowing him to commit himself under the
these General Conditions.
The Customer is invited to carefully read these General Conditions, the acceptance of which
prior is mandatory for the reservation of any Service offered on the Site. It is recommended to all
Customer to save and print these General Conditions using the
standard features of their browser and computer.
Business Hotel Tunis reserves the right to modify or supplement, at any time, all or part of the
these General Conditions. In this case, the new version of the General Conditions will be
available on the Site with its effective date. Customers are advised to consult
the General Conditions regularly to take note of any possible modification.
In any case, the Customer will only be bound by the only version of the General Conditions in
in force at the time the Customer makes the reservation for his Service
The Customer alone is required to pay, where applicable, all the technical means giving him access
to the Site.


Business Hotel Tunis offers on its Site (i) Services for the reservation of hotel rooms or other
types of accommodation (鈥淗osting Services鈥) (1.1) and (ii) additional services
to said Services (鈥淎dditional Services鈥) (1.2).
The Hosting Services and the Additional Services are hereinafter collectively referred to as the 鈥
Services Business Hotel Tunis鈥.


The Site allows the reservation of rooms in the hotel or other types of accommodation operated
under a Business Hotels brand.
The essential characteristics, the dates of availability, the price, the options offered, the conditions
of payment and the special conditions of sale applicable to the selected rate (policies of
guarantees, cancellation conditions, check-in time, member rate conditions, etc.)
In this respect, it is specified that the Establishment has its own specific conditions of
sale applicable to the selected rate also available on the Site which are brought to the
knowledge of the Customer before any reservation on the Site. Thus, for example, could be
detailed in the Special Conditions the check-in and check-out times, the policy of
guarantee, the cancellation period, WiFi access, the specific conditions applicable to children,
the admissibility of animals as long as they are kept on a leash or in a cage in the establishment (for
for hygienic reasons, animals are never allowed in the hotel)

Finally, in accordance with the regulations in force in our country, the
Customer, upon arrival at the Establishment, to complete a police form. To do this, it will be
asked the Customer to present an identity document in order to verify whether or not he must complete
the police card.


The Site also allows the reservation of Additional Services, such as breakfast
lunch, a bottle of champagne on the Customer’s arrival or the upgrade of the Services
of Accommodation.
Additional Services also cover travel services relating to package travel and
related travel services, which may form with the Accommodation Services either a 鈥
linked travel service” or a “tourist package”. This information is communicated
to the Customer prior to the reservation of these services in the specific Special Conditions
with each offer.


The Customer chooses any Service presented on the Site by following the path provided for this purpose.


Reservations for BUSINESS HOTELS Services are made by the Customer on the Site.
The booking process varies according to the Customer’s navigation and request; it includes the steps
– Step 1: the information of search criteria of its destination, of the establish, the case
where applicable, one or more Additional Services;
– Stage 2: the results and the selection of the establishment and, where applicable, of one or more
Additional services) ;
– Step 3:

: the details and characteristics of the Service(s) selected, in particular if it is a
Accommodation Service: the characteristics of the Accommodation (standard, size of the room, TV,
minibar, etc.), the length of the stay, the options offered (example: breakfast, wifi access, etc.), the
total price of the reservation including details of applicable taxes, the information form
legal in the presence of a linked travel service or a tourist package, and all the
Specific Conditions applicable (guarantee policies, cancellation conditions, time
registration, etc.);
– Step 4: the summary of the reservation of the Service(s) with: (i) the reminder of the characteristics
main (duration of stay, characteristics of the Accommodation Service and/or Service(s)
Additional(s), amount including tax with details of applicable taxes) and, (ii) information by the
Customer of his contact details: either by identifying himself on an existing account, or by filling in all the
mandatory fields (indicated by an asterisk) with the possibility of saving this information
by creating an account as a member of the Site or as a member of the loyalty program
– Step 5: the finalization of the reservation of the Service(s) by the Customer with: (i) the information
data of his means of payment, either in the event of pre-payment of the reservation, total, before the
stay, or in the event of a request for a reservation guarantee for the Accommodation Services and: (ii) the

consultation and acceptance of the General Conditions and the Special Conditions relating to the
reservation before its validation by the Customer;
– Step 6: taking into account the reservation of the Service(s) by BUSINESS HOTELS;
– Step 7: an email confirming the reservation of the Service(s) is sent to the Customer
summarizing the Service(s) reserved, the price(s), the Special Conditions accepted by the Customer,
the date of the reservation made, information relating to after-sales service and access to
General Conditions as well as the address of the Establishment.
Any reservation is deemed to have been made as soon as the Customer clicks on the “finalize your reservation” page.
(i) in the case of a prepaid reservation, on the 鈥淧ay鈥 button or (ii) in the case of a reservation to be paid
within the Establishment, on the 鈥淐onfirm鈥 button.
The Customer may make a reservation for BUSINESS HOTELS Services on behalf of one or more
other person(s), within the limit of 5 (Five) rooms maximum.


Reservations made by the Customer via the Partner Services are made through the website
web and mobile services of each Partner. The reservation is made directly between the Customer and
Partners, following the steps of the Partners’ website and mobile services.


The prices relating to the reservation of the Services are indicated before, during and after the reservation.
For Accommodation Services, the prices indicated are per room for the number of
person(s) and date selected
When confirming the reservation of a Service, the total price is indicated to the Customer in amount
including VAT in the commercial currency of the Establishment (which in some cases may be different from the
local currency of the Establishment) and is only valid for the duration indicated on the Site.
If the debit of the total price of the reservation of the Service is made at the Establishment in a currency
other than that confirmed on the reservation, the exchange costs are the responsibility of the Customer. To note
only if a conversion of the currency confirmed on the reservation into another currency appears on
the Site, it is given purely for information and non-contractual, taking into account in particular the
possible change in exchange rates between the date of reservation and the dates of stay at
the Establishment.
Unless otherwise stated on the Site, the options (for example, breakfast, half board, board
etc.) which are not offered at the time of booking the Service are only included
in the price.
The tourist tax, presented during the Service reservation process, is to be paid directly on
place with the Establishment, except in the case of pre-payment online before the stay where this
amount can be included
The prices take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the reservation and any change in the rate
applicable to the VAT will be automatically passed on to the price indicated on the date of invoicing.

Any modification or introduction of new legal or regulatory taxes imposed by the
competent authorities will automatically be passed on to the price indicated on the date of the
Finally, some promotional offers are only available on the Site are sold
exclusively on the internet and in no case at the reception of the Establishment.